EASYDESADV: An easy way to test your DESADV message, using plain email!

Just send a DESADV as an attachment by email to test@easydesadv.com. The EasyDesadv Service checks your DESADV message* and sends a report back within one minute!
 *checking is according to the Dutch Food EDI standard of GS1 Netherlands

We are Henk-Jan Ebbers and Lucas van der Molen. EDI Professionals. We do not check your message manually. We built a tool for this. If you need help, please contact us at info@easydesadv.com

More testing?
Yes! The easyDESADV check is a standard check for Dutch DESADV messages. If you are a retailer or logistic service provider and you want a similar testing tool for testing of your specific specifications - we love to built it for you. Contact us at info@easydesadv.com

Use EasyDesadv for EDI testing!


  EasyDesadv maakt gebruik van  Bots open source software.